Conservation Efforts

Conservation Efforts Asian Adventures
Explore, conserve, preserve and protect Nature’s offerings

Asian Adventures has become a specialist in helping the travelers to sight some selected rare species and has extended its reach worldwide. The people who have travelled with us remember us not only for extending an incredible experience but also maintaining highest quality standards and transparency each time.

Asian Adventures has completed 25 years of existence and now seeks to direct its energies towards conservation. The entity has taken numerous conservation measures across the nation and now we desire to put more efforts to upscale it. We also wish to work with residents of the Himalayan region who wish to transform their houses into homestays. We want to help to become self-reliant but also take responsibility of keeping the charm of the region preserved and contribute their part in conservation. Any individual or organization which desires to extend a supportive hand in this direction is warmly and duly invited.

Conservation Aspect

When mentioned the term conservation, Asian Adventures and the team behind it is ever sincere towards it and the initiatives taken in that direction are umpteen – the drive is on.

Mohit Aggarwal, the founder of Asian Adventures is also the co-founder of Wildlife trust of India. Some of the notable initiatives undertaken are electronic fencing at Kaziranga with Wildlife Trust of India, awareness hoarding in Corbett National Park, sponsoring the Oriental Bird Club with a vision to promote interest of travellers in birds and protect them, joined hands with Titli Trust to protect butterflies and moths and initiated some sincere measures for wildlife protection at Corbett Tiger Reserve. The company funded the training programmes of the Bagh Foundation in Nandaur Tiger Reserve.

Asian Adventures also supports Chintan, the experts of toxic waste who are currently working with our help on micro solutions of garbage disposal in the Himalayan village, Pangot.near Nainital. This initiative is called the Zero Waste Pangot Drive

Moreover, the organization is closely working with denizens in selected Himalayan regions in order to turn them into self-reliant individuals and groups and highly responsible towards keeping the environment protected and the picturesque beauty intact such as Bird Guide training in Pangot, and supporting and Promoting the Choti Haldwani  It has bigger and better plans for not only providing best experiences of various hues and shades to people but also make them partners in the drive to protect the Blue Planet, Earth.