Himalayan Gateways

The beauty of Himalayas is famous on a global level. People from across the globe visit India to see these sky-high mountains and enjoy all the activities that adventurous tours in India offer. We (India Safari and Tours limited) are one of such platforms. There are a plethora of activities that one could do in these snowy mountains and areas that are surrounded near these lofty figures.

Holidaying in Himalayan areas is an awesome break from the hectic and chaotic lives that people in contemporary times are living. Below is a brief about some of the activities that we offer. Go ahead and read.

1)    Trekking

Trekking is such a blissful experience if you want to watch and even experience the bounty of nature in the mountainous areas.  Traveling on foot among the mountains and getting introduced to the lives of people who live in mountains is such an exceptionally refreshing experience. This fun activity also includes climbing the hills/mountains. Our Himalaya tour packages price are pocket-friendly and trekking activity is included in it.

We have the professionals who accompany and guide the people who opt for this activity. The life in mountains could be as beautiful as you can imagine and as hard that you cannot. This is because the weather in the mountainous areas can change anytime. It could rain for few minutes and then you can meet a bright sunshine in a jiffy.

Discovering all this is an experience which will stay with you for a lifetime. In addition to this, if you are searching for your lost or broken confidence, or want to get the lost enthusiasm back, then you should go for trekking. Trekking involves making your way in the difficult path that mountains offer. As you climb making your own path, you will learn to do this the same in life. Experts who preach the best ways of living a life also advise trekking for mental peace.

2)    Biking

Biking is one of the awesome activities that the Himalayas being one of the most adventures tourism place in India offers. The biking tracks are full of wonders, some dangerous trails, and beautiful locations. Cross the mountains while riding your bikes, lose control on the slopes and enjoy in the way you never did. Te calm place and the still but cool air among some dry, some snowy surroundings will give you many surprises. It can make you feel like losing control on your brakes and sometimes you will feel the breezy air. Such are the different paths of bike riding you will meet while you ride your cycle on the paths. While biking is a lot of fun, we also provide utmost security to our people who avail this facility. Some of them are given below.

Before we take anyone for biking, we make sure that no one is prone to AMS commonly known as acute mountain sickness. One attendee is always present with the biker. He makes sure that the biker is drinking lots and lots of water.

We always take weather forecasting news from the local areas before heading on to facilitate our clients for biking.

We also ensure that people are wearing full sleeves biking costumes to avoid the insect bites.

3)    Bird Watching Tours In Himalayas

The combinations of exotic Himalayan locations are one of the most renowned bird watching sites in the whole world.  The UNESCO world heritage site has claimed that over 400 species of birds have been spotted here. Bronzed winged jacanas, Siberian birds, Indian Pygmy Woodpeckers, Yellow Footed Green pigeon are few names. This place is a paradise for bird watchers.

The bird watching can also be done while you carry on with your biking. This is because the biking pathways cross the path paths where birds are present in huge numbers. It is advised to keep your camera along even you go out for a walking in the Himalayan areas. Your luck would make you spot the birds anytime. The birds here are so colorful that they will make you remember the rainbow. Blue-throated barbed, Siberian-Ruby Throats and Indian Flycatcher are the famous colorful bird species of Himalayas.

There are many platforms which offer wildlife safari packages in India but we are the most preferred ones. What makes us special is the love and loyalty towards our clients. We are not on this platform just to raise our business and make money. We do understand what a love of nature could mean to the people who come to avail the adventurous activities in the Himalayan areas. We are nature lovers too and we respect the client’s’ time and also expectations. That is why we are dedicated to our clients. We try our level best to provide adventurous trips that our clients would remember for a lifetime.