Meet our Team

Since 1994, Asian Adventures has emerged as an iconic name which promotes conservation of the environment and responsible tourism through the expeditions and trips it offers across the Indian subcontinent. Asian Adventures is a pioneer in the arena of Wildlife and Birding Tours.

What makes the enterprise ever-growing is the effective team working on it. Our team is comprised of skilled, hard-working individuals geared towards providing you the best possible tour experience. The skill set coupled with the passion that each one of us possesses about conservation and adventure lends us a unique strength. Here’s a quick view of our cast of characters.


              Mohit Aggarwal



                    Iqbal Ahmed


Our Operations Team

                  Mihun Ghosh

                    Ritesh Panday

                   Yashpal Singh

                    Prem Singh

Sales Team

              Hirak Chakraborty

                Indira Neogi

                                                                  Lodge Managers

          Lumpisang Thonger

               Shrey Goswami

                                                             Digital Marketing

                    Farhin khan

                      Arif Khan


                    Dipika Sinha

                   Deviyani Leo

                                                            Naturalist and Guides

        Deepak Kumar

Shyam Sharma Naturalist 


              Jogendra Yadav

               Pawan Kumar