North India Birding Tours

People recognize India wildlife tours for varieties of animal watching and thrilling other experiences. For example, people do lots of animal photography during wildlife safari package in India. It is very rare that the photography enthusiasts get a chance to take pictures of animals like tigers and lions in their full glory. This chance they get only during wildlife tours.

Our platform caters to all needs of our clients in the realm of wildlife safaris, and natural trips. We make sure that we are providing the services according to what our clients’ expectations. People take out their precious time from their hectic lives and they come in search of peace to us. We, provide them this through holidays among nature.

Birding In North India

Bird watching in North India is soul relaxing. Watching feathering friends and listening to their chirps can heal you from inside. Some people have claimed that spending time among the quiet and serene nature can heal the psychological problems in humans. Even in general sense, bird watching is recommended to calm one’s mind from inside. Here we highlight some benefits of bird watching.


You can get a great knowledge about birds and for students who are studying ornithology; These students gain immense information about these tiny feathery creatures. Students come here to study the behavior and habitat of birds. Many people also come to do bird watching in North Indian locations to study the exotic and endemic species of birds. This is helpful for their projects if they are involved in some environmental studies.

Natural Calm

Spiritual preachers have recommended people to remain amidst nature if one wants complete peace of mind and cure the mental illness which the chaotic life has today given us. Bird watching is one of the most special ways to do this. Moreover, bird watching is a natural stress-busting technique.


From career point of view, if you are practicing the wildlife photography, then you have the chance to get really good pictures here. Many endangered and rare birds are found here and you can get really good pictures. This can give you a career boost.

Heals Breathing Problems

Roaming freely in the jungles of North India means you are away from pollution. This means you are consuming lots of fresh air and are totally away from the city and polluted air. This helps people to relieve the bad conditions of breathing problems and also make their lungs healthy.

Develops Patience

Bird watching needs a lot of patience. One loud noise and shoo, the bird will vanish. Therefore, automatically you develop patience by this activity. This means you become a patient person in your real life as well. If you are a person with a lot of anger or impatience in your basic nature, bird watching can make your overall personality better by instilling patience in you.

More To Know

There is a huge list of tours and traveling places in North India where you can fulfill your bird watching desire. For instance, places like Chambal and Delhi have internationally claimed bird sanctuaries where one can spot birds like ashy crowned sparrow lark, brown fish owl, long tailed-minivet, brown dipper, read breasted parakeet, black winged cuckoo etc.  Even the UNESCO has named sanctuaries like Pangot and Corbett National Park as World Heritage Sites in the realm of bird watching.

We India and safari and tours limited stand tall to make your birding experience better. We would like to inform you that we have been serving our clients in the realm of bird watching tours for a long time. This has given us experience and so we have improved a lot. We know the dos and don ts. We have involved the guides who accompany the bird-watching enthusiasts for a better experience. They give the guidelines of how to spot a bird and also inform about the locations where the specific species of bird would be found.

Why Collaborate With Us?

We offer Indian tour packages at a price that suits every pocket. For instance, the paragliding is generally an expensive affair but at our platform, we offer that at an affordable rate. We are customer centric and we try our level best to provide ease and comfort to our customers so that they remember us for good reasons.

Along with the common tours that we provide in the natural locations of North India and some other places, we also offer the budget tour packages. Budget tour packages are tailor-made for the college going kids who come in groups and remain little tight on budget. Budget tour packages offer the services in the same quality but the pricing we keep low so that everybody can get a chance to tour amidst nature in the budget which they can afford.