Many congratulations and thanks, Asian Adventures for providing such a superb and totally enjoyable, fulfilling, and successful trip. As usual, the arrangements were flawless. I have already started to prepare a lecture on our trip and will enjoy passing on our recommendations. Our grateful thanks and appreciation to everyone.

-John and Sue Buckingham

We have just returned from India and want to congratulate your company on the truly excellent service we received from you. I have nothing but superlatives to offer and will definitely recommend you to friends and family. All of the guides you had organized for us did a good job
Many thanks to you all for making our trip to India a memorable one.

-Joan Chatterjee-Cooper

I meant to contact you to thank you for organizing such an excellent trip earlier this year. All the guides were very good and Raj was a brilliant driver. Our tiger sightings are stunning! Once again many thanks


Thank you so much for arranging our trip to India.  It was simply a fantastic journey in every way.  Your logistical planning and support staff are outstanding.  Every place that we stayed was great, and we really enjoyed the variety of lodges and hotels.  Of course, the food was delicious…..everywhere.  Thanks so much for the upgrade to the Ranthambore Kothi.  It is a lovely place with superb service.  One of the things that we were very impressed by was how nice and quiet it was every might at every lodge and hotel.  After long days in the field, it’s very relaxing to have a nice quiet place at the end of the day.

 We saw about 340 species of birds and 21 species of mammal, including a tiger and a leopard.  We greatly enjoyed the scenery and especially the rich culture of India.

 While the animals, lodges, scenery, and culture were great, what really made the trip special was Jaipal and our guides – Ganesh, Bachu, and Shyam.  Ganesh did a superb job in Pangot and Corbett.  He is an excellent birder and showed us many nice species.  Bachu did the same in Chambal.  We had a lot of fun with Shyam who has great enthusiasm and knowledge.  All of these guides were patient, kind, knowledgeable, and fun.  But perhaps the best part of the trip was being with Jaipal.  He has a unique combination of admirable qualities.  He is professional, very attentive to our comfort and safety, kind, always on time, patient, and very knowledgeable of the complicated roads.  We felt like we were traveling with a good friend for three weeks.

We learned a lot about your beautiful country, especially that it is full of many kind, hard-working, and special people.  You run a first-class operation and we will recommend it to all of our traveling friends.

-Mark Pretti and Karen Blumenthal

I have been intending to write to give feedback as I wanted to thank you for a great trip.

Firstly may I say how impressed I was that from start to end you were very considerate to my requests and the flexibility you showed when I made a last-minute request to change my itinerary was greatly appreciated. 

Secondly, my driver, Jaipal was courteous, helpful and whilst not a widely experienced birdwatcher, he sought to assist with finding many birds and indeed did successfully point several out for me. He was prompt and reliable and his driving ability and artful negotiation of the crazy Indian traffic impressed me and quickly put me at ease. 

My bird guides were terrific, very knowledgeable, and experienced that undoubtedly enhanced my birdwatching experience. You may well be aware that prior to contacting you I was in negotiation with Sunil as he came highly recommended. However, as he could not cover all my trips he suggested I contact you as so I was so pleased when I discovered that he was to be my guide in the Himalayas part of the trip. Delver was also very skilled and ensured that I saw as many birds as possible.

The guide in Agra was helpful and informative and worked conscientiously to ensure I enjoyed my visit to the cultural sites acquired the maximum from my time there. I was impressed with all guides and would have no hesitation in using them again. In my many travels, I have experienced good and bad guides and the guides that you arranged are clearly for me some of the best that I have had, thank you.

In respect of accommodation, I was greatly impressed with Jungle Lore in Pangot. Staff was very helpful and amenable, the food fantastic and the location ideal. I could easily have spent more time here. The Mapple Hermitage Hotel in Sattal was nice but not as good as Jungle Lore Birding Lodge and I guess perhaps I had been spoiled with my Pangot experience! The food in all hotels and accommodation was superb and I enjoyed the meals which were varied and plentiful, sometimes too plentiful as I had put on a little weight!!

Overall I enjoyed my trip and was able to focus on my birdwatching, confident in the knowledge that all other aspects such as transport, organization, accommodation, etc were well taken care of. I thank you again for a truly wonderful trip and I have no hesitation in recommending you to other people. I am seriously considering returning to India, perhaps to visit the northeast corner within the next 18 months if possible and so I am likely to be communicating with you again soon. 

All in all, it was a very good and enjoyable trip which I will surely never forget. I had thought that I had seen maybe 50 new birds (“lifers”) and when I sat down yesterday evening and reviewed my list I realized the actual number was 145! Kaziranga also is a park that in regard to wildlife sightings far exceeded the other parks I have visited in India so far.

I will certainly try to go back to the Northeast before I leave India in 2018 to repeat and re-live this experience! Many thanks to your hard-working staff in the Northeast and all the good and efficient logistical preparations!

-Gary Buckett

I would like to say a big thanks to all of the team for their help and all their work while we were there. The food was excellent and they did there
best to give us what we wanted when requested. The guide was excellent and even though he has fished pancheswar often as he is mainly based at the
ramganga his knowledge of Mahseer is excellent and he defiantly contributed to my catches. The driver was very good and we felt safe on the scary roads and always very attentive. The camp manager was very friendly and the porter did a very good job even though he is still learning.

-Chris Tasker

First of all, please let me thank you for making our last safari to India such an unforgettable experience. Everyone in our group thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

-Charles Kong

We are happy home after our fantastic Indian adventure. It all started one year ago with Göran who talked so warmly about India, and he was right. India is amazing and is now one of our favorite countries. We will for sure come back one day. Probably we will try Sri Lanka next Christmas. Our son was there on his honeymoon while we were in India, and he liked Sri Lanka very much.

I don’t know how to thank you enough for all time and effort you spent on us, and for your patience while answering my endless questions. It all ended up in a fantastic trip. All accommodations where really good and all transfers worked like a clock. I will for sure recommend all my friends to contact you and your company, in case they plan to go to India and need some help with arrangements.

Ganesh is a superb bird guide. I am amazed at his skills, both when it comes to finding as well as identifying birds. He just needs to hear the faintest little sound to tell the species – and he was accurate all the time. Please give him my most sincere regards.

I must not forget to mention Vijay our driver. He is a skillful, responsible and careful driver (as careful as it gets in India I guess 🙂 ). Nothing I’ve seen before compares with the Indian traffic, but we were never afraid when Vijay was driving. Please give also Vijay my most sincere regards.

Thank You so much for this successful trip – and I am already looking forward to doing “business” with you again… 🙂

-Anders Hansson

Just wanted to say a quick Thanks to you and the team, for a trip which was very straightforward, hassle-free, and enjoyable!  And most importantly of all, we had great views of my key target, the florican, and a major bonus in the form of the dusky eagle owl.

Both Sham and Jaipal did a top job respectively!  I normally travel on my own, so it was a real luxury to have their company and to be so well looked after.
Maybe see you all again soon for the next trip!

-Tim Sykes

Thanks for following up on our tour to India. Although initially disappointed that we could not go to Kashmir I am very happy with the way you have handled the situation and rapidly arranged an alternative tour for us. Although we could not see all the birds we had hoped for in the areas due to the summer period we had a rather successful trip with some very good species. Furthermore, we greatly appreciated the flexibility of you and the guides to accommodate our wishes something that worked out very well.

Generally, the food was great and the accommodation as well. Actually, the accommodation was for my taste to be luxurious, but I guess that is actually my mistake as I did not clearly communicate my accommodation wishes (something I will do the next time I travel to India).

– Kaaij, Lucas

Just to let you know that Susan and I had a wonderful time during our recent trip to India. Many thanks for making the arrangements, which all went smoothly.

We were very lucky and saw lots of interesting birds and mammals – and Shaym made an excellent companion (we would have seen far fewer birds without his sharp eyes).


Many congratulations and thanks to Asian Adventures for providing such a superb and totally enjoyable, fulfilling, and successful trip. As usual, the arrangements were flawless. I have already started to prepare a lecture on our trip and will enjoy passing on our recommendations.

Our grateful thanks and appreciation to everyone.

-John and Sue Buckingham

Thanks for arranging a fantastic trip to Gujarat. We had a great time and Dalveer was an outstanding guide. Our driver, Jitender, too was really professional and a safe driver.

All the arrangements and accommodations were excellent and I wish I had spent a long time at some of the destinations. I  am looking forward to our trip to Kaziranga and will definitely arrange more trips through Asian adventures in the future.

-Shailesh Pinto

As we told Mohit when he kindly called on us in Delhi, we had a splendid time. The programme was just right, with a variety of environments from rivers to parks to mountains, and the birds and other wildlife were even more than we had expected.

More important, perhaps, given my wife’s disability, our guide and driver (Deepak and Pamun) were kind and helpful to a fault. Deepak went out of his way to help at all times, and – most important – we felt we could rely on him in all circumstances. He also had a thorough knowledge of the birds!

Both were also charming and fun to be with. It is not often one can spend three weeks in close proximity with strangers and (on our side at least) have no issues to complain about!

-Sir David Blatherwick

We are all well and safely back home after a wonderful trip to Western India. We recorded 257 bird species and numerous mammals including Wild Ass, Asiatic Lion, and Striped Hyena. Altogether it surely was one of my best Indian trips!

The success is for a great deal thanks to Deepak who is undeniably the best guide that you have provided in four trips! His friendliness and excellent communication instinct, good sense of humor, willingness to help, stable temper and very good knowledge of the sites and wildlife surely contributed to the trip being such a gorgeous treat! I will definitely require having Deepak again for another trip to India. I will write again soon about this matter.

-Hugues Dufourny

Thank you for arranging such a successful trip.

We thoroughly enjoyed our trips to Chambal and Ranthambhore. We were very privileged to see a tiger on two of the safari trips which had been arranged, one of these was far too close for comfort!

All the accommodation you booked for us was more than satisfactory. At Chambal the service was excellent and we enjoyed the food, as the chef made such an effort to please us. To be honest the food at Ranthambhore was really not particularly good, especially as we felt as if we were being given the same menu four times over. The hotel at Jaipur was amazing and we would definitely love to stay there if we ever visit Jaipur again.

Our driver, Ishwar, was very punctual, obliging and helpful-it was, however, a hard act for him to have to follow in Deepak’s footsteps. We really did miss Deepak.

Once again we had a very good experience with your company and should we return to India will definitely approach you for help.

-Joan Chatterjee-Cooper

We would like to place our sincere appreciation to Asian Adventures and the team for organizing a wonderful trip for us. The arrangements were perfect and we did have a great tour. There was never a moment in the entire tour in which we felt that the organization was poor and hence all credit to you and your team for such wonderful arrangements.

I would like to make a very special mention of two people. Firstly our guide Mr. Dombe. He was a fantastic guide whose knowledge of the area was special. He was always concerned about our well-being and was such a simple and wonderful person. Please convey our appreciation to his company as he made a huge difference to the tour.

Also, we must mention our driver Mr. Ali. We always felt safe with his driving and he was always concerned for us. The car was always clean and well-appointed and he as a person was well dressed and very professional.

We do have plans for extensive tours in India and would certainly look to you for arrangements.

Gehan, Palitha, and Thushari