Hatha Yoga at Haridwar (07 Days; # 223)

Hatha Yoga is a significant measure towards gaining control over your actions and directing the energies in the desired direction. It involves the stepwise movement of the body, the mind, emotions and eventually energies. The space we are breathing in is the 84th creation and therefore we have 84 Yogasanas. Each asana can open gateways to comprehend every aspect of a single creation.

Of these 84 Yogasanas, 33 are of utmost importance to present human race which Evolution Retreats has included under its Hatha Yoga modules. There will be an introduction to ShatkarmaBandha, and Pranayam respectively.

To lead an incredible life on this Blue Planet, Earth, Hatha Yoga is the panacea.

There will be various meditation sessions where you can create what you want to create in your life. This meditation addresses various aspects of your life.

All the eight limbs of yoga will be addressed in such a way that it becomes a part of your life. Various talks and videos will elaborate on various secrets of life.

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Itinerary Overview

Day 1: Delhi to Haridwar
Day 2: Haridwar
Day 3: Haridwar
Day 4: Haridwar
Day 5: Haridwar
Day 6:Haridwar
Day 7: Departure


Outdoor meditation
Ganga Aarti
Satvik Meals



Services includes only:
-Satvik meals during your stay
-All Yogic practices & meditation by a qualified teacher
-All activities
-Rail fare from Delhi and back
-Transportation from the Hatha Yoga destination railway station and back

Services does not include:
-Personal or incidental expenses
-Any medication or hospitalization
-Air fare
-Massages can be availed on direct payment, if available