Shiva Walks at Jageshwar (June 04 Days; #234)

What is the concept of Shiva Walks?

1. Fundamental mode of life is expansion
In right terms – I want more; can be seen in every aspect of life. More experience, more knowledge, more money, more peace, more health and the list are never ending.
But what stops us?
Our own limitation. The limited identification that we have created with many things. If we can ease this identification the possibility of expansion and manifestation will enhance manifolds.
How to dilute the limited identification?
Bhuta Shuddhi. This is the fundamental process of Yoga. Every other process like
meditation, pranayama, asana, chanting, affirmation, healing, medication is the extension of Bhuta Shuddhi.
How is Bhuta Shuddhi done?
Essentially there are two ways. One is by using a technique and the other is by visiting a high-energy zone and bath in the energy.

2. Shiva walks is an endeavor where we use the energy of different established places to absolve the obstacles in life and teach a powerful technique of BhutaShuddhi to be practiced by the individual.
We take people to those zones where Yogis have established very powerful energy and prepare them to receive it in the most effective way. Usually, these are ancient temples which are still alive and can be used as the powerful tool.

3. Every element of Shiva Walks including food (Pranic food), treks, meditation, breathing technique, campfire stories etc. is towards removing obstacles of life.

4. Every destination of Shiva Walks is an energy zone and has a different impact on life energies even the jungles and mountains due to its geographical positioning vibrates with a different energy. We expound them all and share the insight with the participants so that they can reap maximum benefit. Forest healing, mountain healing and quantum healing are inbuilt in our tours.

5. These are mutually beneficial tours between the destination and the tourist as the lesser explored place gets a recognition and the tourist gets benefitted.

6. These are purposeful walks where we try to align the energy of the individual with the energy of the place to bring about a transformation in the life of that individual. Therefore, the certain amount of hardship is part of the walk which also leaves a deep experience and helps in dissolving karmic blocks.

7. At present Shiva walks is organized at Haridwar and Jageshwar, Kedarnath, and

Calibrate your life for happiness and success. Shiva Walk Jageshwar.

Nageshwar (Jageshwar) means ‘Lord of Naga Vayu’ and this is responsible for movement. Functioning of body, mind, relationships, business corresponds to Naga Vayu. Perception is also an aspect of Naga Vayu. The whole concept of enhancing consciousness is about heightening your perception. Every spiritual process, yoga, meditation or anything else is just about evolving perception. Unique to this retreat we teach a special process of enhancing Naga Vayu.

Shadowed by the tall Deodar forests, the tiny temple town of Jageshwar has an enigmatic attraction. It is said that the Shiva Temples here are imbued with the euphoric and ecstatic worship of Shiva devotees.

One of the great pleasures of being up in the mountains, especially Himalayas, is experiencing the unknown, the new and the adventurous- the pleasure of soaking in the lush landscapes, the adrenaline rush of standing at the edge of a cliff thousands of feet high, feeling awed in front of the soaring earth and plummeting skies, or uncovering the mysteries of the enigmatic being that Shiva is.

Unlock the ancient stories and uncover the legends of Shiva with Evolution Retreats at Shiva Walks this March. Offering detailed introductions to awe inspiring landscapes and ancient temples around Jageshwar. From the early morning calls of blue whistling thrush to the magical sunsets at our secret trails, this unforgettable walk would shower you with a lifetime of eye-opening experiences.

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Itinerary Overview

19 June 2020: Kathgodam to Jageshwar
20 & 21 June 2020: Jageshwar
22 June 2020: Departure


Nature watch, Hikes & Treks
Outdoor Games
Cooking Lessons
Night Walks
Village Visits
Jungle Treks



Services includes only:
-Accommodation on sharing basis
-Satvik meals during your stay of 3 nights
-All activities
-Transport ex-destination station & back
-Train Fare

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-Personal or incidental expenses
-Any medication or hospitalization