From The CEO Mr. Mohit Aggawal

I not only believe in the power of this approach but have seen it deliver results.

My love and admiration for nature grew and got an official stamp when I joined traffic-India which was then a part of IUCN and was housed in the Indian headquarters of WWF-India. My colleagues Mr. Ashok Kumar and Mr. Vivek Menon helped me learn a lot and made me unravel several lesser-touched dimensions. Ashok has been my guru and Vivek is a true pal.

The year 1994 was highly eventful and brought a turning point in my life. I started Asian Adventures, a concept to bring school children closer to nature. In due course of time, the concept became wider and better in scope and reached and established camps and lodges in some of the most pristine and lesser-touched locations of the country. Jungle Lore Birding Lodge at Pangot near Nainital is the first birding lodge in India and one out of many establishments managed and manned by us. Each place has its uniqueness and saga to narrate.

Asian Adventures has become a specialist in helping travelers to sight some selected rare species and has extended its reach worldwide. The people who have traveled with us remember us not only for extending an incredible experience but also for maintaining the highest quality standards and transparency each time.

we have completed 27 years of existence, and now I seek to direct my energies towards conservation. The entity has taken numerous conservation measures across the nation and now we desire to put more efforts to upscale it. I also wish to work with residents of the Himalayan region who wish to transform their houses into homestays.

I want to help them so that they become self-reliant but also take responsibility for keeping the charm of the region preserved and contribute their part in conservation.

Any individual or organization which wishes to extend a helping hand in this direction is warmly and duly invited.

 Asian Adventures began with conservation as one of the philosophies since its inception.

the organization has now decided to lay stronger emphasis on conservation through spreading awareness amongst travelers’ and will adopt other concrete steps towards the quintessential drive.