Wildlife Tours

India safaris and tours limited is a great platform for wildlife tours and activities. They offer such a huge peep into the world of wilderness that you will feel as a part of nature closer than before. From roaming in the quiet forests among greenery to hearing the songs of the nightingale, there is everything that a wildlife safari in India offers. The standout thing about safaris is that you are not just bestowed with a gift of seeing the wild animals; you actually see them in their natural habitat.

One can say that we could also see the animals in the zoo, then why wildlife safaris? The answer to this is seeing caged animals in the zoo and spotting them in their own world are two distinctly distinct aspects. The latter is always pleasing because in forests, the animals are free and they are not burdened with limited space. This is what the safaris offer.

India Safari and Tours offer the delighting safaris. The safaris of this platform have everything that one can expect from the ride among nature. The jeeps are provided in various varieties. It depends on the number of people and also on the choice of the clients what type of vehicle they want for their safari tours. Some opt for the open jeeps and some opt for the closed ones which have the hard net coverings.

The hard net covering jeeps are opted by those people who want extra security. Even if you go for jeeps which do not have the net coverings, the guides and security men will always be with you for protection. No matter what type of vehicle you choose, the tours and safaris by India Safaris and tours limited always ensure the top security.

Exciting Tiger Safari Tours

Tiger spotting is one of the most popular stuff that people love. There is nothing more adventurous and happy than sighting and hearing the roars of this royal animal. The wildlife lovers and nature enthusiasts are very fond of tigers. The personality and vigor that this animal has will definitely leave you awe-struck. This is why we have wildlife and tour packages as well. The affordable costs and lots of activities are included in our packages. If you choose our packages, then you would surely enjoy to the fullest without hurting your pocket. Meals are also offered in some our packages. The discounts are so attractive that you cannot go anywhere else for safari tours except our platform.

Trekking Anyone?


What could be more thrilling than Himalaya Treks? We have these services for you as well. You would be surprised to know that we have experts that have been providing trekking services for more than decades. These people belong to the local areas and have’ trekking ‘ in their blood. There is no artificial ways in which our trekking helpers provide the trekking tricks and services to our enthusiasts. Our helpers are natural and they will let you see the nature from really close. We are one of the popular India safari and tours who also incorporate the trekking activity.

In fact, our trekking facility is one of the most desired activities for which people come to us. There are a myriad number of health benefits that are related to this sport. From body to mind, trekking has a capacity to heal and nurture the humans in every form. Our experts and servicemen in this arena make sure that you get the best from trekking when you perform it.

The Great Spirit which our professionals have will automatically instill the enthusiasm in you. To top it all, our professional trekkers are motivators as well. They make sure that you stay motivated. They leave no stone unturned to give you all the advantages that trekking has. For example, while you climb, you just overcome all your obstructions and this act somehow gets engrained in your brain.

While you climb hindrances on mountains, you develop strength to overcome the obstructions of your life. This is one of the top benefits which trekking provides. Himalayan mountains are tall and the harder you trek, the more resilient you become and the more strength you develop for your body and mind.

Why Us?

We are not saying that only we are the top, but we say we are one of the top platforms who give one of the impressive north Indian safari adventure trips. Our increasing clientele is a clear testament to the aforementioned statement. People always want services providers in their nature trips and tours who are not money extorting deceivers but are the cordial ones who know what the client wants.

We understand this and so we are client-centric. Our each and everything, be it facilities, sports activities, trips, tours etc totally concentrate on our clients’ happiness. This is why we welcome people to come and avail what we are offering in the arena of wildlife tours, safaris, and trekking activities.